Consider This - Tent ban in NMB

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

The words common sense and government could be termed an oxymoron. However, in the case regarding tents on the beach in North Myrtle Beach, it actually works.

Consider This: North Myrtle Beach officials are close to passing guidelines that will restrict tents from the beach. By placing these restrictions on beachgoers, it will create a safer environment for lifeguards, for families keeping an eye on their children and for emergency vehicles that need to access those areas.

Many people will say they are overstepping their boundaries and need to leave things the way they are with no restrictions. Some people will even claim that the ulterior motive is to ban the tents so umbrella vendors can make more money.

We disagree and think it is time to make a change.

We bash government when they make stupid decisions, so it's only fair that we compliment them when they do something right. In this case, North Myrtle Beach leaders have made a good decision regarding tents on the beach and we encourage the leaders to stick to their initial vote and give final approval to these restrictions at the next council meeting.

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