Summer season brings hundreds of foreign workers to Grand Strand

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Just as thousands of tourists make the pilgrimage to the Grand Strand during the summer, so do hundreds of foreign workers looking to cash in on the summer season.

"I'll make about $4,000 for about four months of work," Tatianya Mimarkezova said.

Mimarkezova is working two summer jobs in Myrtle Beach before returning home to Russia.

Several hotels, restaurants, and bars hire foreign workers for the summer, which has helped to attract more and more Europeans year after year.

"The Russians are great workers. [They're] very reliable, great people and things are much better for them. It's like a castle here," Kim Beenken, manager of a Myrtle Beach Subway, said.

Not everyone is a fan of the workers, however. Some people said they worried that the influx of foreign workers - while temporary - hurt their chances to find jobs locally.

"They're taking jobs from the locals. We have to live here, but after, summer they just go back to wherever they're from," Brandon Avant from Myrtle Beach said.

WMBF News checked with a foreign exchange center who said that they see the most clients between May and October. The majority of workers are coming from Eastern European countries like Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

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