Viewers vote off MB resident on "America's Got Talent"

(Source: NBC)
(Source: NBC)

Hollywood, CA - HOLLYWOOD, CA (WMBF) - A potentially life-changing opportunity came to an abrupt end Wednesday night for one Grand Strand resident hoping to win his way to a $1 million prize on NBC's "America's Got Talent."

Nick Pike, 30, of Myrtle Beach, attempted to catapult himself into the national spotlight on the show with his daredevil juggling and acrobatic skills. At first sight, juggling three flaming torches on a burning unicycle impressed the show's three celebrity judges during a preliminary audition in Orlando.

The dramatic stunts the 30-year-old had up his sleeve weren't going to stop there, either.

A July 7 taping of the show in Las Vegas led the stuntman to put his own life on the line, as he juggled a flaming torch, meat cleaver and knife blindfolded. The dangerous feat wasn't enough to feed Pike's appetite, so he decided to do it while walking on glass drenched in kerosene.

The stunt was enough for judge Sharon Osbourne to fear for Pike's life, but that's because she had every reason to. One false move could have sent a knife through Pike, or set the stage on fire.

"I was very frightened for you," Osbourne said after Pike completed his second round act.

Pike easily passed through to the next level of competition, but this time, his fate didn't lie in the hands of the judges. It was up to America to decide whether or not the Myrtle Beach resident was worthy enough to inch closer to the top $1 million prize.

During a Tuesday taping of the show, Pike had 90 seconds to top his previous performances and grab the attention of thousands across the nation. Pike's acrobatic routine led him to juggle fire, tumble through a ring of fire, and even set his pants on fire.

While the tasks might have impressed the average person, judge Piers Morgan didn't buy it. Morgan voted down Pike's performance before his 90 seconds were up.

"[He] did everything. [He] set himself on fire," Osbourne said Tuesday after Pike's act. "You've set yourself on fire once, what else are you going to do?"

The harsh criticism after his performance led the 30-year-old to lash out at the reaction of the judges backstage.

"Maybe they aren't used to talent from this perspective," Pike said.

And apparently America wasn't, either. Pike was yanked from the show with eight others from a pool of 12 contestants after not gaining enough votes from viewers to advance in the competition.

Some might called Pike's outcome a misfortune, but for the 30-year-old from Myrtle Beach, it was just one more opportunity to show America that he truly does have talent.

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