Volunteers needed to feed starving children in Haiti

Myrtle Beach, SC - By Chandi Lowry - bio | email

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – An organization called Feed the Hunger is trying to get enough volunteers to participate in a Pack-a-Thon that will ship food to Haiti to feed hungry children.

Event organizer Scott Hahn says each bag contains six meals with 20 different vitamins and minerals in it. The core product is rice because it is a universal grain.

Hahn, along with volunteer Lee Parrish, will be organizing a Pack-A-Thon at The Sun News on Oct. 7-9.

"We need everyone's participation to pull this event off.  It's not going to happen unless we have the volunteers and raise the money in the local communities," Hahn said.

Parrish explained that it's extremely important to get the bags of food to Haiti because many kids there simply have nothing to eat.

"Children in Port au Prince don't wake up in the morning and ask their parents what are they going to eat. Children in Port au Prince ask them, 'Are we going to eat?'" he said.

Parrish said the clay pies people in Haiti are eating suppress hunger pains, but they're certainly not healthy.

"They take clay, which is the soil there, put a little oil or margarine [on it] and they cook them. They roll them up into a little pie.  To watch a child stick his tongue out with a clay residue tongue, this is not a joke. This is life and death, so we can make a difference by giving them this nutritious food and nearly saving their lives," Parrish commented.

Parish said he watched a frail, weak child regain his strength in just a few months thanks to those meals.

"They were 8 years old weighing 18 pounds and after a couple of months eating this food, it's been scientifically designed for weight gain and health, they had gone up to a normal weight within two to three months, " he said.

The group's goal is to get at least 100,000 meals packed up over a weekend in October, which will feed 275 kids - a meal a day for a year.

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