MB resident vies for $1M prize on "America's Got Talent"

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Hollywood, CA - HOLLYWOOD, CA (WMBF) - The judges on NBC's "America's Got Talent" said it themselves: It was going to be a ridiculously dangerous and competitive season.

The threat wasn't enough to shy away Nick Pike, 30, of Myrtle Beach, from setting his sights on winning the $1 million top prize on the nationally-televised talent competition.

A self-proclaimed juggler, acrobat and comedian, Pike first introduced his daredevil talent during a round of preliminary auditions in Orlando. The three-year Grand Strand resident managed to juggle three flaming torches on a burning unicycle to enter the good graces of the show's trio of judges.

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Juggling a few flaming torches wasn't going to be enough to entirely impress Sharon Osbourne, Howie Mandel and Piers Morgan. Pike found himself toying with a second shot of fame after one of the show's 48 contestants dropped out of competition in Las Vegas.

It was time for the 30-year-old to think outside of the box if he wanted to win over the judges during a July 7 televised performance. The challenge led Pike to choreograph what he described as his most dangerous act to date.

"I'm performing something incredibly difficult," Pike said before his July 7 performance. "It's crazy dangerous, and no one in the world has ever performed it."

As Pike made his way onto stage, he was greeted by a long trail of shredded glass. If walking on the sharp surface wasn't a large enough task, Pike did it blindfolded while juggling a flaming torch, meat cleaver and knife.

There's one more catch -- the glass surface was doused in kerosene. One wrong move could not only send a knife through Pike's body, but also turn the Las Vegas stage into a burning inferno.

"I was very frightened for you," Osbourne said after Pike's successful performance.

While it was suspenseful for onlookers, Pike said the act came as another way to take his juggling routines to another level. Pike learned the art of juggling at the ripe age of 11 as a small hobby, and made it a bigger part of his life as he grew older.

"I intend to continue performing routines people have never seen before," Pike said. "That's definitely been part of my quest on the show every week. Every routine has been created by me for the show."

Now, it's game time for Pike as his fate on the hit NBC show lies in America's hands. Pike will join 12 other contestants in a live, two-hour show Tuesday that will drastically trim the field of competition from 48 to 24 contestants.

"[Tuesday's] routine is definitely going to be taking it to another level," Pike promised. "It's not just the juggling that's dangerous in this routine. It's the most dangerous routine I'm ever going to perform."

Without giving the entire act away, America will have the chance to vote by phone for the Myrtle Beach resident to advance to the next round of 24. Only four of Tuesday night's 12 performers will move on in the show.

This week's live, two-hour episodes will air Tuesday and Wednesday at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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