Storms leave damage in Florence

Florence, SC - FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - A building in South Florence is without a roof and trees on the ground after Monday's storm.

Residents in South Florence on Millstone Road spent Tuesday cleaning up the damage left after a strong storm moved through their area the night before. Those who were there during the storm say it came quickly and left quickly.

"There was no time or any forewarning to be able to take any kind of cover, or protect yourself in any way. It happened that fast," said Chris Duffee. "Trees were knocked over in just a millisecond. It just happened that fast, it was a mini Hugo is what it was."

Just south of Coward, people there were checking out the damage sustained by a former hang out spot - a furniture store on Highway 52 that used to be a skating rink, which holds a lot of memories for people like Mary Godwin.

"The Lord doing his work, the first thing I think you know, and then hoping that it can be repaired," said Godwin. "I was thinking, you know, it's one of the last landmarks in the area, and I hadn't been out to see it so, I was wondering just how bad it was."

Workers at the Florence County Emergency Management office said Monday's storm is an example of how a small storm can impact a small area and cause problems. They say that is why you should make sure you have everything you need in place, including making sure your insurance coverage is up to date. They said it is not enough to make sure you have adequate coverage, but that you have the right coverage. Flooding is not covered in most regular homeowners policies.

"Generally, flooding is something not covered in your homeowners, so that's something you need to think about. So you need to think about what you'll do during an event like that. 'Where will you go, where is my safe area,'" said Kristy Hughes with the Florence County Emergency Management. "It should make them think of every little thing like, 'Do I have the right insurance?' Not just enough insurance."

Hughes said streets in Florence were flooded because of Monday's storm.

Emergency Management officials said the damage was not severe enough to warrant opening the Emergency Operations Center on Monday. However, they said they have to be prepared in the event more summer storms cause problems that warrant it being opened.

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