Striped bass lands in yard miles from ocean

(NBC) - John Walsh does not fish, and in this case, he did not have to.

A 14-inch striped bass landed in his Milton, Massachusetts yard on Monday.

"I'd expect it at the beach, but we're a mile and a half, two miles from the ocean," said Walsh.

The fish traveled more than two miles from the ocean in Quincy before it was dropped into the Walsh family's backyard.

The Walsh family was outside when they heard two birds fighting over something on their roof.

Later, they found out what the seagulls were fighting over when they discovered the fresh sea bass that was dropped in their garden.

"It was relatively fresh; it wasn't a stinky, old fish out of a dumpster," said Eileen Walsh.

The Walsh children will probably never have another meal drop from the sky.

The family thought about cooking the fish, but after looking at the seagulls, they decided to throw it in the garbage.

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