Consider This - LeBron James

Myrtle Beach, SC - By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

How about last week's circus surrounding the announcement by LeBron James on where he plans to spend his next few years in the NBA ranks? My opinion: What a joke.

Consider This: First, we, the media, love to join in the hype whenever we can, so shame on us. Without the media buzz that accompanied this PR stunt, there would be much less interest in the announcement.

It was actually sad that so many people watched an hour worth of this PR spin to see an overrated, overpaid NBA player desert a town that has placed him on a pedestal and showered him with support and love only to be shunned by their native son.

But is anyone really surprised? It's all about the money, the fame and the fortune. Loyalty is a rare commodity these days so the people of Cleveland have only themselves to blame for actually believing that James really cared about their community.

When it comes down to it money talks and the chance of winning an NBA ring outweighs any hometown loyalty that may have ever existed.

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