Homeless shelter to charge clients

Wilmington, NC - WILMINGTON, NC (WECT)- A change is coming to a homeless shelter in Wilmington.

Starting Monday, July 19, the Good Shepherd Center will start charging some of its clients.

All new clients will get to stay thirty days for free. If they enter into a program designed to help them find permanent housing, the free stay could go to ninety days. If not, they will be charged 3 dollars a night.

Verna Mansfield, Administrative Director at the center, says the policy change is not designed to turn anyone away.

"We're not saying you have to leave after 30 days, we're just saying that if you choose to stay after 30 days without formulating a plan, then this is what you're going to have to do," said Mansfield.

Shelter administrators came up with the plan in 2005, but never put implemented it.
The money will go right back into the shelter's general fund.

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