Widening of Highway 378 moves along

Florence County, SC - FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - A widening project of Highway 378 in Florence County is moving forward, leaving people who live along the road wondering how it will impact them.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation is busy buying up the right-of-way along Highway 378, where the road will be widened to four lanes. It's a project that was approved by voters in Florence County in November 2006, when the passed a penny sales tax increase to go into effect for road improvements.

Ruth Braman has lived on Highway 378 for the past three years and says the road can be dangerous. She's glad to see the improvements, but she's not too happy about having much of her front yard taken over by the road.

"They're going to take part of our yard and we do have animals, so that's always a worry. But the traffic is really bad, so maybe that'll slow it down," Braman said.  "You know people go to the beach and this is the route in and out. So I think it'll help, I really do."

The construction will be completed in five sections to make the road wider from Highway 52 near Lake City to Highway 41 in Kingsburg. Some of the curves will be straightened out in an effort to make the road safer. Yet some worry about the noise the bigger highway will mean for them.

"I don't know how the traffic is going to be. They rattle the windows now," Willie Norwood said.  "So when they come by that close, especially the big trucks."

The five sections will be completed as the county generates the money to pay for construction, with a match from the State Infrastructure Bank.

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