Does It Work: MicroForce

(WMBF) - It's a cordless razor that promises the closeness of a blade shave with the convenience of an electric shaver, but does it really help to get rid of that pesky facial hair?

The WMBF News Network put the MicroForce to the test with Jeff Jumper, who describes his skin as "sensitive" and is usually left with a red, irritated face after shaving.

The MicroForce calls for skin pulled taut and a motion against the grain of the hair for best results. Jumper begins his experiment with a dry shave, and finds no irritation after using it on the side of his face.

"The shaven spots feel as smooth as a shave made by my traditional three-blade razor," Jumper described.

Jumper said he experienced no trouble using the MicroForce to rid the flat areas on his face of hair. He found, however, that the skin around his neck became irritated when using the MicroForce with water.

"As far as the time, it takes about three to four times as long to shave with the MicroForce than it would have taken with my traditional blade and shave gel," Jumper mentioned.

As suggested by the product's instructions, Jumper proceeded to use the MicroForce for two more weeks to see if he could match the closest shave he's ever had.

"It takes just as long to get a 'close enough' shave with the MicroForce as it did on the day when I began using it," he said. "My irritation doesn't subside, regardless whether I shave with it wet or dry."

The irritated skin and left-behind stubble weren't enough to impress Jumper on this "Does It Work" test.

The MicroForce comes with a 60-day limited warranty and an extra foil for replacement if required.

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