Lost pictures make their way back home via smiley faces

Morganton, NC - MORGANTON, NC (WBTV) - Lisa Lane sent us a message asking if we could help locate the owner of a bag of pictures she found on the side of the road.

She sent us one of the photos of 4 people standing together in what looked like a beach setting. (Click here to see the photo sent to us that started it all)

I looked all over Google using clues from the subject's clothing. I didn't come up with much of anything, until I tried a different approach.

I got in the car and drove 81 miles to Morganton and started talking to the woman who found the pictures.  We didn't get much of anywhere, until the little old guy on a tractor rolled up.

Lisa showed the pictures to the man. He thought a young woman in the photo looked familiar. Thought she looked like a friend's granddaughter.

Lisa knew the man and we drove over to his house. This is where the story ends with smiles and a lesson about people. Computers are great but nothing beats a good face to face chat with people.

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