Pass the Cash - DellaVecchia Family

Socastee, SC - SOCASTEE, SC (WMBF) - In one of the oldest churches in Myrtle Beach, the generosity of one family stands out among the crowd.

When given the chance to help members of his parish, it's no wonder why Pastor Ray Smith of Socastee United Methodist Church, without hesitation, thought of the DellaVecchia Family.

"They're a very well-known family in this community because of their outstanding work in the community," Smith said. "[They're] reaching out to help others any way they could."

The family moved to Socastee more than 20 years ago for Charles "Del" DellaVecchia's job. It was the same job that recently announced they didn't need him any longer.

"These are some folks that are going through a bit of a hard time," Smith commented. "The gentleman is unemployed right now, so they sure could use the $300."

Smith said the family would probably use the money for bills that keep coming, even if a full-time job for Del doesn't.

"After 26 years, I was let go recently," Del explained. "I've been able to find work here and there. I was working for the census and a few other things."

Del and his wife Debbie have known struggle before, though not in the financial sense. They always wanted a big family, but never had any children.

A blessing from above brought their kids, John and Marlee, into their lives. Each child was adopted from Guatemala as an infant.

The DellaVecchia's relationship with their pastor runs deeper than Sunday services. He held Marlee for the first time in Guatemala, when she was just a few weeks old.

"It's been an unbelievable bond that we share," Del said. "I feel really thankful. I think anybody could obviously use the money, but yeah, this is special."

Though grateful for the cash, the family says they'll keep helping others even in their time of need, because it's who they are.

"God gave us things to pass along to others and we want to share his love with everyone," Debbie said.

The family has been a member of Socastee UMC for 20 years.

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