Pass the Cash - Estelle Wilson

Conway, SC - CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Out on Main Street in Conway, Rebecca Lovelace biked by. After just a few minutes of talking to us, she had a woman she wanted us to meet.

Estelle Wilson worked for Lovelace for nearly two decades. She has no income and no family.

"I know what her need is," Lovelace said. "I know she has no family. Her only child died 15 years ago and she's all alone."

Wilson's struggles are centered on her health and her finances. She retired two years ago at the age of 83, only because she just couldn't do the work anymore. Wilson has health problems and was recently in the hospital to get an aneurysm repaired. She is now home, where her house needs a lot of repair.

"When we painted it, someone leaned against the window and fell in," Lovelace recalled. "It's eaten up with termites."

The ceiling leaks and Wilson needs a new gas heater. She also can't afford to keep her home cool, which is dangerous during the summer heat. So when we asked Lovelace if she'd want to pass $300 cash to Wilson, she didn't hesitate.

We followed her to Wilson's house off US-501 where Wilson was surprised and overjoyed with the gift.

"Jesus Lord, thank you, Lord. You know I needed this money," Wilson exclaimed. "This morning I said 'Lord, your miracles be done every day. Please give me a miracle.' I didn't know what in the world it would be."

That miracle could have been Lovelace, who as they say, was in the right place, at the right time.

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