Could your weight be blamed on a virus?

(NBC) - Obesity plagues a lot of people and some complain that they go to the gym, eat right and still can't shed the pounds.

What if you could blame your weight gain on a virus?  You may be able to pass the buck if some new research proves true.

Researcher Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar thinks a common virus may be to blame for fat.  He is studying Human Adenobirus, Number 36.  It's a virus that is able to infect stem cells in our body or in our fat tissue and turn those cells into fat.

"So we theorize that if there are two people and one is infected with the virus and the other is not and even if they are doing exactly the same thing in behavior otherwise," Dhurandhar explained. "The person who is infected with the virus is likely to have more fat."

There is good news.  Proteins the virus makes may actually improve glucose levels in patients with diabetes.

Even more impressive, the virus is able to continue metabolizing those sugars without insulin so maybe someday people with diabetes won't have to inject themselves with insulin.

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