Road named for active 103-year-old man

Stillmore, GA - By Dal Cannady - bio | email

STILLMORE, GA (WTOC) - Porter Edwards was glad his road finally has a name. He just never imagined the name on it would be his.

Emanuel County road crews had always known there was a house near the end of a dirt road off Highway 192 leaving Stillmore, but they were surprised weeks ago to find someone living there, and living all alone.

They were even more surprised the more they talked to him.

"He said he was born in 1907," recalled Morris Brantley, Emanuel County's assistant road superintendent. "So, he said, 'That'll make me 101'. I said 'No sir, that's make you 103,' and he laughed and said I was right."

"They came down here, working on the road and asked me what the name of the road was," Edwards noted. "I told them it didn't have one."

Emanuel County leaders have been trying to locate and name any and all county roads so fire crews, ambulance drivers and others can get to any emergency.

"We're still amazed when we find a road that hasn't been named because we've worked so much on this," explained county commissioner James Canady. "We were just amazed at who was living there."

Edwards' children check on him several times a day. They say they've learned not to use the "M" word - moving.

"He is very ornery when it comes to talking about moving from here. He loves it out here," explained his daughter Mae Brinson.

The house is actually older than he and has no running water or telephone and that's just fine with him. Outside, he still raises chickens and cares for dozens of cats. Inside, he still cooks on a wood stove. Loved ones say he can still run circles around people half his age.

"He'll get on his tractor, crank it and be gone," Brinson exclaimed.

"He wanted to be on his tractor moving grass this morning. I hope at 103 I can be on a tractor mowing grass," Commissioner Canady noted.

He says there's nothing magical about living this long.

"There ain't no secret that I know," Edwards admitted with a sigh.

But loved ones and neighbors hope he's here for many more years to come.

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