Drivers worry Garden City Connector congestion isn't over

Myrtle Beach, SC - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Road work has wrapped up near the site of a new Walmart on the Garden City Connector.  The project put a strain on an already congested area and many drivers fear it will only get worse.

Walmart did a traffic study in the area to try and figure out how congested it would get and what the company could do to keep these problems to a minimum when the store opens.

According to a spokesperson with Horry County, Walmart was required to make these types of off-site improvements as they built.

Crews have widened turn lanes, put up a new traffic light and extended the existing northbound left turn lane on US 17 Business.

Carroll Hollar is from Hickory, North Carolina but has a vacation home across the site of the Walmart. He says he appreciates the planning, and hopes it will work to cut down on the traffic.

"There's no doubt it's going to bring a whole lot more traffic in here," Hollar said. "We're just very hopeful, and got our fingers crossed that they've got it planned out good, and that it's going to work like they've got it planned."

Donna Rotan of Garden City agrees, saying she's excited the store is opening across from where she lives.

"As most of the residents around here, I do have concerns that there will be an increased traffic flow," Rotan said. "This road, the Garden City Connector always gets hit hard anyway with the traffic. However, I think Walmart does the best they can to preplan that and they have already paved the road. They have widened the road, and they have made arrangements for this traffic light to go up."

Wednesday was the last day of major road work and long-term lane closures on the Garden City Connector.

A spokesperson from Walmart says the store will open October 13.

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