Community Kitchen feeds hungry through hot summer months

Myrtle Beach, SC - By Jennifer Grove - bio | email

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - One community food outreach program says the face of hunger changes in Myrtle Beach during the summer months.

"We see less of the same people we see all year who have been looking for work all winter," said Nancy Gambone, co-director of the Community Kitchen in Myrtle Beach, noting that she hopes that means they have found a paycheck.

But not everyone has been so lucky.

"I just come to Myrtle Beach because I want to find a job," Olga Emelianova said. "But it's too late for now."

Emelianova says she and her friend came to the Grand Strand from Russia not knowing most places had already completed their summer hiring.

"We have no food at all and we have no money," Emelianova said, adding that it is a reality very different from her life back home. "In Russia we are students. We go to University, we are specialists."

While they wait to figure out what to do, they are thankful for a few hot meals - meals that more and more parents are also relying on in the summer months.

"Maybe some of the children that are eating at school or other programs are now home with their moms," Gambone said. "[Because] we see more children."

Gambone says they are doing what they can to lend a hand. She says the Community Kitchen, which is open daily for breakfast and lunch, serves between 250 and 300 meals every day, rain or shine, except for Christmas since the Red Cross has its own outreach on the holiday.

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