Snail mail rates may be on the rise

Myrtle Beach, SC - By Chandi Lowry - bio | email

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Grand Strand non-profits fear having to redo their budgets, as the post office looks to increase rates to make up for its budget shortfall.

The United States Postal Service wants to increase the price of stamps by two cents, which would bring the price of an individual stamp to 46 cents.

In tough budget times, this is not what non-profit agencies like The United Way like to hear.

"Our board just met and we cut our budget to the extreme to where we have a certain amount for mailings and for our campaign," Julie Kopnicky said, who works for the organization.  "So that would be the first thing that comes into our mind, worrying about our budget as well as out agencies budgets."

Kopnicky says United Way turns to technology often, but the group still depends on the postal service to send out letters asking for donations.

"We actually have used a lot more of the internet and newsletters are going through email now," Kopnicky said.  "However we still use direct mail that's our big campaign for residential drive is our direct mailing."

Kopnicky says since the organization will always mail certain items from the post office, postage increases may force the non-profit to re-evaluate its budget.

Postcard prices would rise from 2 cents to 30 cents, periodicals get an eight percent increase, catalogs may go up about five percent and standard mail parcels would see a 23 percent raise.

The US Postal Service said the changes would generate $2.3 billion for the last three quarters of the 2011 year and $3 billion for 2012.

The postal rate commission is looking over those proposed rate increases.  If approved they will take effect next year.

The last time the postal service changed its first class rates was last year, when the rate climbed to 44 cents.

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