Photo-sharing sites offer unique place for vacation memories

(WMBF) - Technology is making it easier than ever to keep close tabs on family and friends, but sharing photos of your summer travels doesn't have to be confined to Twitter, MySpace and Facebook.

Now, a handful of photo-sharing websites are giving vacation-goers a new and unique way to document their travels. Whether it's through pictures, videos or blogs, these websites are making it easier than ever to share some of life's best adventures with the world.

If it was while you were singing karaoke or walking the sandy white beaches of the Bahamas, we've all felt it at one point in time -- the moment you wish you could savor forever.

What if one website was making it possible for you to connect your vacation photos with emotions? is giving users a multimedia platform to recreate some of life's most important moments.

Created "moments" are formatted similar in nature to a slideshow, letting visitors flip through a variety of pictures, videos and captions. The more moments a user creates, the larger their "MomentFlow" becomes, or the digital reflection of a user's life. is compatible with social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, so users can share their memories with friends and family. The website has also gone mobile, offering a mobile version of the site that works with any smartphone.

For frequent vacationers with a love for geotagging, is a great tool to document favorite destinations. TagWhat is a network free-of-charge that lets its users create and share messages based on location.

After signing up, each user is granted a personal map that allows them to tag places that matter to them from their computer or phone. The service has expanded to allow users to add text, URLs, photos, phone numbers and videos to each tag.

Just like on popular social networking site, Twitter, users can find people and causes to follow on TagWhat. When users follow each other, TagWhat experiences are combined. is compatible on smart phones and can be linked to social networking sites. Just think of it as a real-time way for friends and family to enjoy your travels and adventures with you!

Flickr has become one of the most popular ways to manage digital photos online, with users uploading more than 7,000 pictures and videos per minute!

The website allows users, who must sign up for the free service, to upload photos and videos from their digital cameras, video cameras and cell phones.

Before posting, Flickr gives users the option of editing their photos with an array of tools -- good for cropping, deleting red eye and even adding a caption. The pictures are then displayed in a variety of collections for easier access and neater organization.

Flickr also lets users geotag the location of their pictures and incorporate the images into a map. Users also have the ability to see pictures from other site users closest to them.

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