10 suspected gang members arrested

DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) - The Darlington County Combined Drug Unit, with the collaboration of multiple other departments, rounded up a number of suspected gang members in connection to a series of armed robberies.

According to the Darlington County Sheriff's Office, the Darlington City Police Department, Florence County Sheriff's Office, Calhoun County Sheriff's Office, and the State Law Enforcement Division contributed to the arrest of 10 alleged members of the Red Scorpion Neighborhood Rolling 20 Bloods Gang.

Friday night, five gang members were arrested and were taken to the Darlington County Detention Center and Florence County Jail.

The suspects in this case all ranged from the ages of 18 to 20.  Arrested in this case were Malcom Melvin, Timothy Ham, Reginald McClair, Travis Hayes, Joey Gibson, Leron Whitten, Levon Timmons, Michael Wallace, Quentin Gibson and Archie Leach.  Archie Leach, who already has a criminal history, is suspected to be a head leader of the gang.

Officials say that the case may be turned over to Federal investigators.

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