Property tax credit coming to Myrtle Beach residents

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - People who own homes in the city limits of Myrtle Beach can expect to see an 88.6 percent tax credit added to their city property bills.

"I think its nice, real nice," said Kathleen Patrick, who has owned a home in Myrtle Beach for the past 25 years.

The tax credit comes from money collected in part from the 1 percent sales tax that was added in 2009 as part of a tourism development fee. That fee is tacked on to things people buy at retail stores, restaurants, and several other establishments.

"I think its nice because it makes a difference locally instead of the money just going to the government," said Krystal Trost, a tourist visiting from Lynchburg, VA.

But not everyone is pleased with the measure. Several people commented that the tax doesn't benefit people who live outside city limits.

"The tax credit should really be statewide," said Ernest Linen who lives in Georgetown, but often shops in Myrtle Beach.

The city said homeowners in the city limits can expect to see that tax credit on their bills in October.

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