Task force working on Highway 17 traffic solution

Myrtle Beach, SC - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Myrtle Beach leaders are trying to fix the growing traffic problem on Highway 17.

The Highway 17 Task Force is coming up with a long-term plan to improve the highway and to help cut down on congestion in an effort to keep drivers safe.

They say one of the most dangerous areas is the place where 17 Business and 17 Bypass merge, heading from Myrtle Beach toward North Myrtle Beach.

One of their recommendations is to encourage people to find other ways around the Bypass, according to Allison Hardin who works with the Myrtle Beach Planning Department.

"It carries a lot of traffic currently and without some re-packaging or some efforts to alleviate the congestion in that area, it's just going to get worse," Hardin said. "It's just not a bypass anymore."

Hardin says one of the recommendations is for people to look at Highway 31 as the new bypass to get around Myrtle Beach.

She says the task force wants to work with county leaders and the South Carolina Department of Transportation to put up signs directing people to Highway 31.

Another suggestion is to widen Highway 17 to six lanes, from 29th Avenue North to the Grissom Parkway Interchange.

As the area grows, the group hopes these recommendations will help drivers get to where they need to go as safely and quickly as possible.

The Myrtle Beach City Council and the Planning Commission will discuss these suggestions at their upcoming meetings before any improvements are put into place.

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