iPhone 4 has big complaints with its big debut

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - When the iPhone 4 made its debut, the only people to grab the latest gadget were people who pre-ordered their phones and others who did some pre-planning.

"I'm pretty much an apple fanatic," one person said. "I am excited I am going to download and move my stuff over," another added, "it's a nice phone. 4g and fast."

Some students in Charleston, SC, are benefiting from iPhone advances. The phone is known widely for it's slogan, "There's an app for that," speaking of its popular applications. The Art Institute of Charleston has a 10-week course teaching students how to develop applications.

The administration at the Art Institute says it recognized that several companies were looking to hire people who could develop an iPhone application, so the institute added the class. Students said the class gives them a chance to step outside of the normal curriculum and possible into their first job.

Also, for iPhone 3G and 3GS users, they can get the experience of the 4 with a system upgrade. All you need to do is plug your phone into your computer, launch i-Tunes and with your phone selected, just click "check for update".

Even with new features like a high quality camera and the ability to multitask and run applications simultaneously, not everyone is happy with the new device.

Already complaints are pouring in about the iPhone 4 losing reception when you hold it a certain way. There are several videos posted on YouTube explaining how it happens.

"...then I pick it up, hold it like so, my hands pretty much gripping the whole phone, all the metal parts...and watch what happens to the bars signal strength goes down," one poster demonstrated in his video.

Even some who upgraded their iPhone 3G or 3GS to the iPhone 4 operating system are having problems connecting to their car stereos and even a yellowish coloring on the screen.

Internet support forums like this one are filling up with complaints and questions.

Still, the phones are big sellers in this tech savvy society. Sales of the new device were estimated to go well into the millions heading into today's release on AT&T store shelves.

Initially Apple had no comment on the antenna issues, but over the weekend, it has since acknowledged that there is a problem.

What can you do?

Apple recommends simply not holding the phone on the left side like you saw in that video -- kind of hard if you're left-handed. But there is a bumper case that Apple has designed that prevents a person from touching the antenna band. That case will run you another $30 bucks in the Apple store. This is the first time Apple has designed its own case for the iPhone. Previously it left that up to 3rd party manufacturers.