Man, four-legged friend ride to forget illness

Whitemarsh Island, GA - SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - If you visit Whitmarsh Island, GA, you may have seen Dave Silva and his dog Scooter.

They are a fixture on the island and can be seen biking around town any given day.

Riding around town with a grin on his face, and his sidekick scooter on his side, Dave Silva looks as though life is easy breezy. In reality, his journey hasn't always been an easy one.

"Scooter is my best medicine, by far my best medicine," said Silva.

In 1996, Silva was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but the avid motorcyclist was not willing to give up his passion in life. Two years later, he bought a Yamaha scooter - not to be confused with Scooter the dog.

"I never thought I would ride something like this, but I enjoyed it so much. I figured as long as I can get some wind in what hair I have left, and bugs in what teeth I have left, I am enjoying life," said Silva

He still had difficulty operating the motor scooter.

"The whole thing about it is, you can't stop doing what you love. You have to improvise, so a buddy of mine in kansas city said, 'Can't you get a side car the for the scooter?' and I said I have never seen one," said Silva.

After doing some research, Silva was able to add a sidecar which helps him keep balance, and bring his fearless yorkshire terrier along for the ride, who usually sports a bandana and "doggles" for the ride.

"He loves it if he gets out there and surfs, everywhere we go it's like, 'Where is scooter? Where is the dog?'" said Silva.

The pair can be seen biking all throughout town, either on poker runs or out just to enjoy the sun.

"He is really trying to live his life the way he wants to live it, and it has been an amazing journey," friend Dave Nichols said.

Silva hopes his journey continues because he lives to ride and inspire others to throttle on.

"It allows me to live," said Silva. "It gives me that zest, that open air feeling. A feeling of being alive, and again it puts a smile on my face as well as other people."

With a friendly wave, Silva and Scooter ride on, defying the odds.

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