Russ settling into Georgia mascot role

Savannah, GA - SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) – There was an unofficial appearance for the University of Georgia's new official mascot.

If you were downtown in Savannah on Thursday, you could have caught a glimpse of Russ, the bulldog who will man the Georgia sideline until a new Uga has been selected.

Russ had some preseason business to attend to at the law office of his owner, Sonny Seiler, including a video shoot for the university. During breaks in the shooting, Russ stepped outside in his gameday uniform to stretch his legs in the grass and give passing tourists and bulldog fans in the area a surprise site right there on Bull Street.

Russ will be continuing the role he assumed last year when he stepped in as mascot after Uga VII died suddenly during the 2009 football season.

"He's getting excited, he's got his jersey on today and he's ready to go,'' said Swann Seiler, who helps her parents take care of the Uga mascots. "He's undefeated and our fans seem to like that. Actually, he's gotten quite a bit of mail and email and phone calls over the summer. People want him to continue. I think that shows people like winners. So he seems to be embraced by the Bulldog Nation and he's very popular in his own way.''

The Seilers have confirmed there will be an Uga VIII, but say they are going to take their time before naming one.

They say they have a couple of good candidates and a new litter of puppies directly descendant from the Uga line is on the way, so but they are being patient in order to pick the right mascot to continue the Georgia tradition.

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