Sick dog prompts quarantine of St. Frances Animal Center

Georgetown County, SC - GEORGETOWN COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Officials with the St. Frances Animal Center have quarantined the shelter Thursday after a sick dog was brought to the facility by local animal control workers.

Mandy Johnson, spokeswoman for St. Frances, said other animals began falling ill after the infected dog was brought to the shelter. Johnson has confirmed the dog does not have distemper, as determined by a pathology report.

"Since it could not be definitively determined what was wrong, we chose to err on the side of caution and quarantine all areas of our facility as a strong preventive measure," Executive Director Nancy Campos said.

Workers at the shelter further believe the dog is suffering from kennel cough or canine influenza. As a precaution, officials have decided to operate on a quarantine status in an effort to protect both shelter and public animals.

Johnson said St. Frances should have a definitive answer by Monday on the type of illness.

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