Remember to pack patience when traveling

Florence County, SC - By Kyle Grainger - bio | email

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - The Highway Patrol says drivers need to slow down and be patient while traveling this Fourth of July weekend.  Troopers say they will be out in full force watching for dangerous drivers.

They will be encouraging drivers to slowdown, reminding them to wear their seatbelts, and they will be on the lookout for anyone who has been drinking and driving.  Troopers say those three factors are the biggest reasons for accidents.

Sonny Collins with the South Carolina Highway Patrol says drivers should understand that the highways will be busy before they hit the road.

"It's probably going to be busier than last year just by some of the predictions by AAA," Collins said.  "Go ahead and plan some time in your trip be patient, understand that you're going to be sharing the road with a lot of other folks."

Collins says drivers should get plenty of rest before hitting the road and he suggests stopping every two hours for a break.

"Coffee is not going to work, rolling the windows down is not going to work," Collins added. "The only thing that will heighten your alertness will be to stop the car at a rest area get out stretch your legs and get some fresh air."

He also suggests having your car inspected to make sure everything is functioning properly.

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