Consider This - Signage

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

Have you noticed the new signs around the area, or more specifically, the bright reflective wrap around the news signs?

We would like to say thanks to the South Carolina Department of Transportation and those who made the decision to improve the visibility of the signage.

Consider This: In many areas, the lighting along the roadways is poor at best and street signs are very difficult to see in these areas. The new reflective signage is much easier to see and results in improved safety. Plus, I'm sure the visitors to the Grand Strand who are unfamiliar with the intersections are very appreciative of the easier to see signage.

Although some people have complained that the yellow reflective signs are unattractive, to me, the safety benefit of the new signage outweighs any issue regarding the look of the signs.

The only thing we see that could make this program better is wider use across the region. We've seen these sign improvements primarily in the Horry County area and we would encourage the SCDOT to expand the effort across the state.

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