Legislators come back to deal with vetoes

Columbia, SC - COLUMBIA, SC (AP) - South Carolina legislators are returning to the Statehouse to wrap up work on the state budget and deal with Gov. Mark Sanford's remaining vetoes.

The special session on Tuesday comes two days before the next fiscal year begins.

State senators must finish work on Sanford's budget vetoes. The House upheld 51 of Sanford's 107 vetoes two weeks ago. That cut $48 million from the nearly $5 billion state spending plan. Items cut include university research and funding for the agency that runs much of the state's bureaucracy.

The Senate can't do anything about those. They're going through the 56 vetoes the House overrode. So far, the Senate has overridden every veto it's considered.

The Legislature will also take up any bills Sanford vetoed over the past two weeks.

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