Pass the Cash - Eve Pertell

Socastee, SC - By Paula Caruso - bio | email

SOCASTEE, SC (WMBF) - A chance meeting with two men having lunch led to a single mom getting a $300 surprise.

The men at lunch set WMBF News Anchor Paula Caruso up with Kim Wilson, a woman who knew exactly who deserved the $300 cash.

"She's a beautiful woman, a struggling, single parent, but very, very worthy," Wilson said.

Wilson said she met Eve Pertell a few months ago through a charitable organization. They stayed in touch as friends, often calling to see how their families were doing.

Wilson took us to Pertell's home so we could surprise her with the cash. It is safe to say Pertell was surprised and very grateful for the extra cash to pay some bills. She knew right off the bat how she'd use the money: light and water bills were on her mind this week, and she said she didn't know how she would pay.

"I didn't want to ask my son for money," Pertell remembered. "I said, 'God, I trust in you.' I didn't know where the money was going to come from. Look what the Lord has done."

What could you do with an extra $300 cash? It's a question we're putting to the test. Each week, Caruso and WMBF News Photographer Ian Dorety will hit the streets - cash in hand - to find someone who wants to pay it forward. The money will go to an unsuspecting person in need of a little help to get by.

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