Strong storms stir up damage in Socastee

Socastee, SC - By Evan Lambert - bio | email

SOCASTEE, SC (WMBF) - Residents of one housing development in Socastee witnessed the fury of Mother Nature Sunday as storms rolled through the Grand Strand bringing lightning, thunder and a fair share of damage.

People who live in Cameron Village just off SC-707 say the intense weather gave them quite a scare.

"We're watching it and all the sudden the wind picked up," homeowner Nick Lazar said. "[It] got a little crazy and we ran for the bathroom. Seen the fence going and we ran and then came back and the fence was gone."

The storm's winds destroyed major portions of the fence Lazar put around his backyard a few months ago.

Lazar's story is far from unique, as many of the homes in his development saw damage to fences and porches.

Donna Rudy's home is right behind Lazar's and the wind did a number on her backyard as well.

"I have a broken window. My table went flying with an umbrella. My barbecue went flying off," Rudy said. "I thought it was a hurricane or a tornado, because of the way things were flying."

She says she hasn't ever seen anything like it. She and her husband were ready to go hide in the closet just before conditions calmed.

The houses weren't the only thing affected in the neighborhood with some of the streets flooded to ankle level.

Nick and Donna's next step is to contact their insurance providers, but they're happy things weren't any worse.

"There's broken glass all over the yard. That's the biggest thing," Rudy commented. "But thank God no one got hurt and we're all safe."

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