Does It Work: Wash 'n' Rinse

Cobden, IL  (KFVS) - Many of us like to wash our cars at home, paying attention to every detail so we can that true shine. Wouldn't it be nice to have the pressure of a car wash hose at home?

Now you supposedly can with the Wash 'n' Rinse spray gun.

At first, Dana McGuire isn't impressed with the spray gun. He says the regular nozzle puts out about as much pressure as simply plugging your thumb over the nozzle.

This gadget does save one step. Users can fill the spray gun with soap and spray it on a car. There's no need for a soapy sponge.

"It was fairly good," he said.

McGuire's opinion improves once he attaches the fire hose nozzle.

"That's providing more than that one did," McGuire added.

In fact, the attachment easily took some bugs off the grill of his truck. In no time at all, the fun came to an end

"It's broke. It's completely broke," McGuire noticed. "It didn't take too much pressure at all and it broke."

The makers of the spray gun price the product at $40. The Wash 'n' Rinse can be purchased at Target stores nationwide.

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