Police: $3,000 missing from microwave at MB Bingo hall

Myrtle Beach, SC - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Nearly $3,000 is missing from a Bingo hall in Myrtle Beach after police say someone broke into the building early Friday morning.

An employee of Myrtle Beach Bingo alerted police of the crime after arriving to work to find a storage room door had been forced open and drywall scattered across the building's floor.

Upon arrival of police, a large hole was discovered in a hallway across from the building's storage room. The drywall, according to an incident report, appeared to be kicked out from inside of a bathroom. A hole was also noticeably present in a nearby concrete wall.

The employee told police approximately $3,000 was missing from a microwave inside of the storage closet. The closet, according to the employee, was secured by a padlock and hasp. Police say both items were broken during the crime.

A surveillance camera stationed at the Bingo hall was unable to capture the crime, after a power malfunction on June 17. Police say the camera had been repositioned, in addition to a motion detector that was covered by tape.

Anyone with information on the location of the missing cash is asked to call the Myrtle Beach Police Department immediately.

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