Vandals strike several cars in Myrtle Beach

By Mark Meredith - bio | email

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Over the weekend, several people report having obscene messages chalked on their cars and now neighbors are being asked to stay alert.

"To have your personal property attacked, it's a violation" said Scott Hanley, whose GMC truck was tagged on Saturday night. Handley called Horry County Police and it's a call that's been made several times over the last few weeks.

Other neighbors reported similar incidents. The latest problems occurred on both Clearwater and Barkwood Drive in Myrtle Beach.  The vandals are using a form of paint that washes off after using wet paper towels, but for the victims the damage continues.

"I guess in a sense I didn't think it would happen to me" said Hanley. On Sunday, Horry County Police said that there are things people can do to help protect their property.

"Leave your car in a place where you can watch it obviously," said Lt. Keith Strickland. "You should keep checking on your vehicle throughout the nighttime" said Strickland.

The neighborhood does have a community watch program. Some members of the community said they would like to see those patrols stepped up as an effort to combat the vandals.

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