Bikers sue Myrtle Beach over muffler ordinance


Myrtle Beach, SC - By Charles D. Perry, The Herald

MYRTLE BEACH, SC - First it was the helmet law, now it's the muffler law. Some bikers sued the City of Myrtle Beach this week over an ordinance that limits the noise a motorcycle can make within city limits.

The lawsuit was filed Tuesday, a week after the S.C. Supreme Court struck down a city law that required all bikers to wear helmets. High court justices said the city's ordinance didn't conform with state law, which doesn't require bikers age 21 and older to wear helmets.

The new lawsuit alleges that the muffler ordinance should be voided for similar reasons.

The city's law requires that motorcycles not emit noise above 89 decibels and that each muffler bear a label from the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), according to the lawsuit.