Spirit Airline headaches continue even after strike settles

By Mark Meredith

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – After Spirit Airlines canceled another flight, dozens of passengers spent Friday night in Myrtle Beach instead of Chicago.

Several of those passengers had been stuck in the Grand Strand for days after a pilot's strike shutdown the airline for nearly a week.

"We tried to get out this morning at eleven," Billy Pournaras said, a Myrtle Beach dentist trying to get to Chicago for the weekend. "The flight was delayed, they said until.  Then it was 5, it just kept getting delayed and delayed."

Spirit Airlines said the Chicago bound flight was canceled due to weather and not as a result of the strike, but other passengers expressed their doubts.

"You know I've never had a problem with Spirit and I think they really are just doing their adjustments because of the strike and everything" Jodi Macchionne said, a passenger from Little River.

The airline offered its passengers a refund or a re-booking on a later Spirit flight.  But those offers seemed to do little to ease frustrations.

"I get my money back and that's it," one passenger said.

But Char Ewers says she was only offered a seven dollar food voucher.

" Then more people started uprising and a couple of people got a $100 voucher because they made a lot of noise and said that's not fair," Ewers said.

On Saturday, all flights resumed, but tensions were high.

" I would not fly Spirit airlines ever again," said Steve O'Connor who is from Chicago.

The Florida based airline struggled through the past week to accommodate passengers during its pilots strike.  Spirit Airlines flies to several destinations from Myrtle Beach including Detroit, Atlanta, and Fort Lauderdale.

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