Lingering heat keeps Waccamaw EOC in business

Horry County, SC - By Rob Blomquist - email

SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) - High temperatures blanketing much of the Grand Strand has led officials to open the Waccamaw EOC for public service.

The Waccamaw EOC has been in jeopardy of being shut down by the South Carolina Office of Economic Opportunity, but will remain open for public assistance as temperatures remain high.

The Office of Economic Opportunity began procedures to shut down the EOC last week; however, the Waccamaw EOC will be temporarily allowed to continue receiving funds for public assistance. The Office of Economic Opportunity says it has determined the need of citizens facing "dangerously high temperatures" is a primary concern.

According to the agency, the Waccamaw EOC is at a risk of being shut down for "potential conflict of interest, improper election procedures and improper contact of board members with program staff." The organization, in addition, has been found financially unstable.

During this temporary funding period, the Waccamaw EOC will be under a microscope with the Office of Economic Opportunity, requiring bi-weekly financial reports in addition to other financial documentation.

The agency says it will continue with termination procedures until managers of the Waccamaw EOC show they can properly operate the agency.

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