Conway carjacking victim speaks about attack

By A.J. Ross - bio | email

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – A Conway woman whose good deed turned into a nightmare last weekend is now speaking about the ordeal.

Danielle DelPercio says she had just left the Theatre Republic to stop for gas at Sav-Way on Church Street in Conway when a young boy approached her car.

"He said, 'Well I'm stranded and I need a ride and I was wondering if you could drop me off,'" DelPercio recalled. "It's just not something that I normally do, but he seemed very helpless."

DelPercio says her motherly instincts kicked in and she agreed to give him a ride.

"I have a 12-year-old daughter, and not that I would ever put her in that position, but I would hope that someone would help her," DelPercio said. "He was a very polite, well mannered, young person, then when we got to the house, he pulled the gun out and his voice deepened."

DelPercio says the teen held her at gunpoint, ordering her to turn over her purse and credit cards. She says she didn't hesitate to turn her things over, but when she tried to leave the car, things turned ugly.

"I started to open the door to get out and he said, 'No, I want you in the car; shut the door,'" she said. "As I sped up and was turning the car, that's when he shot the gun and it shot me right in the back of the head."

DelPercio says the bullet went through her ear, bounced off her skull and now rests between her lower neck and spine.

"All of the doctors have said it's a miracle, it's an absolute miracle," DelPercio said.

Her mother, Diane Fouquet, says the family could not be more relieved and grateful.

"God's hand was in it because at the hospital one of the neurosurgeons said that it was really lucky the way it happened because she could have been brain dead or paralyzed," said Fouquet.

DelPercio's 14-year-old suspected attacker is in custody at the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice Center in Columbia. He will be charged with attempted murder and carjacking.

Because of his age, he will likely be charged as a juvenile, but DelPercio's says she would like to see justice.

"He shot me. He didn't just pull a gun on me and try to scare me," DelPercio commented. "I think this was very well planned. He was waiting for somebody to arrive that night. If it wasn't me it would have been someone else."

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