Jury: Teens' drownings in Darlington an accident

Justin Lee McKay's mother took the stand
Justin Lee McKay's mother took the stand

Darlington, SC - DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) - A jury determined the deaths of two teens at a Darlington swimming pool on May 30 were accidents during the coroner's inquest Thursday night.

The jury ruled the deaths of Justin Lee McKay and Timquan McAllister both as accidents.

Officials with the Darlington City Fire Department took the stand Thursday, saying when they arrived at the pool, CPR was in progress. Moments later a SLED agent testified he received conflicting information when he interviewed witnesses who were in the pool.

Some witnesses at the pool that day said there "may have been some rough play." But a SLED agent says a later interview indicated that wasn't a cause of death.

During the inquest it was stated that all children were interviewed individually on Wednesday, giving consistent testimonies.

The coroner also asked if any of the children that were at the pool that day had anything to do with the cause the boys' deaths, which a SLED agent said they did not.

The mother of Justin Lee McKay took the stand on Thursday, but Timquan McAllister's mother declined to speak. The jury deliberated around 9 p.m.

The coroner has released custody of the swimming pool where the incident happened back to the city.

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