2-year-old twin girls found dead inside car in Missouri

Allannah Larry
Allannah Larry
Alliya Larry
Alliya Larry

Portageville, MO - PORTAGEVILLE, MO (KFVS) -  Twin girls died in a parked car outside an apartment complex in Portageville, MO, according to police.

Investigators are trying to determine if the 2-year-old girls climbed into their grandmother's car outside of her apartment or if someone put them in the car and left them.

Either way, the entire neighborhood is feeling a loss few can put into words.

"Those are some precious little girls," said neighbor Margaret Brown. "It just hit the whole neighborhood. Never seen anything like this. Everyone came out to support the family."

Allannah and Alliya Larry turned 2 years old last month. According to Deasha Simmons, the girls were found around 4 p.m. Wednesday by their mother.

"I already knew they weren't going to make it," said Simmons, who watched as the mother screamed, pulling the toddlers out of the car. "I can't imagine how much pain their mama's going through."

Sheriff Terry Stevens said crews did everything they could to save the twins.

"Emergency personnel responded and tried to resuscitate the children to no avail," Stevens said. "The sheriff's office and the highway patrol were called in and a criminal investigation was launched like we always do in any unnatural death."

Right now, police have no idea how long the girls were in the car. The sheriff says he hopes an autopsy will provide answers.

"We don't know if they were placed in the car or if they climbed in under their own will. That's why we're investigating," Stevens added.

With the extreme heat, it's hard for anyone to imagine what the children endured.

"We know the temperature inside that vehicle reached over 130 degrees," Stevens said.

And that fact makes the girls deaths that much harder on people in the neighborhood.

"Every time I think of it it's so upsetting because I have grandchildren of my own," Brown said. "Just to find out something like that would be beyond tragic."

Stevens says investigators are interviewing several people and officers are canvassing the entire Lakeview Apartment area. They're asking if anyone saw what happened. They do not have anyone in custody at this time.

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