Pastor praying for a miracle to get a church sign

By Trey Paul - bio | email

SOCASTEE, SC (WMBF) – Pastor Wanda Martin of Socastee Community Church contacted WMBF News about her church sign and she wanted answers.

The problem? She says she hired Jerry F. Johnson of ET Signs to put one up for her. However, she says that was eight months ago.

"He's been telling me every week, 'It will be here Friday. It will be here Friday,'" she said.

There's still no sign, but if you drive by the church you will see another sign that reads "Jerry F. Johnston, where is our sign?"

"He just says it will be here Friday. It's been a mess. It's all he tells us. [He says], 'I've been in a mess and I'll have it here Friday,'" Martin said.

She has receipts where she paid ET signs $11,000 up front.  She even filed a police report, but so far investigators say no action has been taken.  That's when she says she contacted WMBF News for help.

"[I was] hoping to get you guys to let them know we're not playing. That he needs to get us our sign," she said.

Jerry F. Johnson says the reason the sign isn't up is because Pastor Martin has been changing the design.  Pastor Martin denies that claim.

Johnson promised WMBF News he would have the sign up in two weeks. Martin says that it will take a miracle.

"It makes the church look bad. It makes us look bad. It makes him look bad," she said.

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