Pub's mascot is ace at grabbing gratuities

(NBC) - If you ever stop by Harley's Pub in Idaho City, ID, be careful about leaving cash on the table. One of the workers has a real nose for money, but can't tell a dollar bill from a $20.

It's hard to tell whether Dusty, the Border Collie barkeep, is more excited about the tips or the treat that come after he delivers each deposit to the bartender. It's a process that has kept patrons and pourers happy for 10 years.

It should be noted all that tip-toting isn't entirely profitable for bar owner Cathy Staneart.

"I go through anywhere from two to two and a half cases of bones a month," she chuckled.

Dusty actually belongs to the Harley's former owner Lisa Rappleye, who now agrees to work part-time at the bar just so Dusty can have his old job back.

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