President Obama continues his visit to the Gulf states

Louisiana - (NBC) - The President spent the day up close and personal with the oil spill and all of its costs along the coast.

"In some ways, what we are dealing with is unique because its not simply one catastrophic event. It�s an ongoing assault," said President Obama. "There is still a lot of opportunity for visitors to come down here. A lot of beaches that are not yet affected or will not be affected."

Restaurants are struggling to serve their seafood specialties.

"I have felt it along with everybody else. From what I understand seafood restaurants' sales are down 30 percent," said Scott Weinberg, a restaurant owner.

The President reassured businesses he would push BP to set up a multi-billion dollar claims fund and reassured diners by downing a dish of crabcakes and fried shrimp, before serving up a promise.

"This region that has known a lot of hardship will bounce back like it's bounced back before," said Obama.

However, that kind of optimism was harder to find on some of the region's oily beaches.

"I'm very sad about it and I'm sad to think what we're doing to the environment here," said Tourist Nicole Hoodicoff said.

Everyone here knowing that the crude is still coming even after the President leaves.

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