Myrtle Beach HVAC tech gives tips to keep cool

Myrtle Beach, SC - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Record-breaking temperatures across the Grand Strand and Pee Dee have people doing anything they can to keep cool, and when it comes to air conditioning problems HVAC technician Jason Vause knows what to do.

Vause says there are simple things anyone can do to check for an air conditioning problem before calling in the professionals. It starts with checking to see if your air filter is dirty.

"If you got a dirty filter in there it's gonna slow your air flow down," Vause said. "It's going to cause the system to pull more amps and the whole thing is you want it to pull less amps, so make sure the filter's good and clean."

According to Vause, an air filter should be changed every 30 days to ensure that the unit is working properly. If the problem goes beyond just the air filter, it might be time to call for some help.

"We'll come in and we'll pull the panel off and make sure everything is in there properly," he explained. "Make sure you ain't got no kind of problem. Check the outside to make sure you got good standard pressure, make sure you ain't got a leak or anything like that."

Vause also says it's important not to run the A/C too low because it could be bad for the system.

"If you keep it too cold you're gonna start having problems, and a system ain't good to run below 70 degrees," Vause said.

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