People look to cool down on hot day

Florence, SC - FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – People in the Pee Dee were looking for a cool place to go as temperatures climbed into the 90s, with heat indexes well over 100 on Monday.

Workers were at the House of Hope on Darlington Street in Florence to help provide safe shelter for the homeless in the extreme heat.

Executive Director Jane Tuttle says she sometimes sees people who have a home, but who don't have electricity.

"When you think of a trailer without electricity that is unbearable," Tuttle said.  "We have people in this city, in the surrounding counties that live like that."

Kimberly Kirby is a resident at the House of Hope and says she has been in the shelter for two months.  She left home after troubles with her family and says if not for the House of Hope, she would have been on the streets and in the heat with her three young children.

"I ended up living at a hotel for a day and wasn't able to afford it for the next day," Kirby said.  "So I wound up here.  A lot of confidence back, some self confidence, self esteem, I accomplished being a better mother to my kids."

For those in Florence who had to be outside on Monday, they looked for the nearest shade tree or water to keep cool.

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