HTC warns customers about a phone scam

Horry County, SC - HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Horry Telephone Cooperative is warning their customers about a potential phone scam to help  prevent unauthorized charges from being made on customer's bills.

HTC has gotten several reports from customers who have received collect calls from inmates at the Cook County Department of Correction in Chicago, Illinois.

The automated voice warns of unlawful solicitation and deceptive practices when accepting the charges. Once the charges are accepted by the HTC customer, the inmate identifies himself as a police officer or member of the South Carolina Emergency Response Team.

Customers are then instructed by the inmate to call another number to get more information about the "emergency."  HTC warns that an actual emergency notification would never come from an inmate.

Once the number is dialed by the customer, call forwarding has been activated and the inmate uses the HTC customer's line for long distance calling and unauthorized charges.

Customers who receive these calls should hang up, delete the message from voicemail and not call the number provided.

If you have received any calls similar to this, contact (843) 365-2153.

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