Rare photograph of child slaves found in attic of NC home

Raleigh, NC - RALEIGH, NC (AP) - Art experts say a rare photo of two slave children that could have been taken almost 150 years ago has been found in a North Carolina attic.

The photo was found at a moving sale in Charlotte in April accompanied by a slave document detailing the sale of one of the boys pictured, identified as "John."

New York collector Keya Morgan says he paid $30,000 for the photo and an additional $20,000 for the document.

The picture depicts two black children in ragged clothing sitting on a barrel in a field. Art historians say that the picture was taken in the early 1860s, during the Civil War by a photographer from the studio of famed 19th-century photographer Mathew Brady.

Brady is known for his portraits of historical figures such as President Abraham Lincoln.

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