Record growth at Florence Regional Airport

Florence, SC - FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – Records show the number of people who fly out of the Florence Regional Airport continue to grow.

According to enplanement reports from Executive Director Hartsell Rogers, 31,523 people have flown out of the airport so far this year. He says it is a 20 percent increase over this time last year, setting new records for the airport.

"Monthly figures are up 20 percent over last year, which is more than a 40 year high," Rogers said. "In fact we don't show any records of enplanements even close to where they are right now."

Rogers says they have been seeing increases over the past five years.  The most dramatic was in 2008 when they saw a 58 percent increase.

Passengers like David Garvie say they enjoy flying out of the Florence Regional Airport because of the convenience, great service and lower rates the airport offers.

"Well I personally think it's much better than large airports," Garvie said.  "I find the people here very friendly very helpful. We would much rather fly out of here, it's a good value, pleasant experience, it's great."

Rogers says he is not trying to have the latest rates, just competitive ones. He says part of the success Florence Regional is seeing comes from a variety of reasons, including working with the two airlines Delta and U.S. Airways.

"We see our two air carriers as partners," Rogers said.  "And we really try to keep the cost low for our two airline partners, and we think that's partly contributed to our success."

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