Consider This - Voter Apathy

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

"I can't believe that with nine people running for an open seat for U.S. Congress District 1 that turnout was so poor," said State Rep. Nelson Hardwick (R-Surfside Beach).

Nelson Hardwick hits the nail on the head. The level of voter apathy continues to amaze me and is very disappointing. When we have elections and see such a poor turnout I always picture the people in Iraq who wait for hours and risk their lives for the right to cast their ballot.

Consider This: How would you feel if Congress passes legislation tomorrow that says only 20 percent of Americans can vote? Well, basically we are already acting as if that law exists. In most elections, 70-80 percent of the registered voters do not vote. And why everyone isn't registered to vote is another topic. If you did not vote, what drove that decision? What is it about the election process that causes you to say I'm choosing not to vote rather than making the choice to vote?

I just don't understand how so many people can take something so important for granted. Runoff elections are next Tuesday. We're fortunate to have the right to vote, take advantage of that right and cast your ballot next Tuesday.

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